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we provide you with terms and restrictions that allow you to enter the site (referred to as the site). By using the site (referred to as the user), you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read this page carefully. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use the site. The following expressions (you and the user) are used to refer to all individuals and / or companies entering the site for any purpose.

Terms of use of the materials and the site

The company authorizes you to view and download a copy of the material posted on the site for your own use only and not for commercial purposes. This permission to use the site is not considered a sale of any of the rights of the owner. The use of the site is permitted on your part only and you cannot, rent, lease, lend or transfer the site or any of the information it contains or any of your rights stipulated in this agreement to any other party. You are not permitted to transfer any part of the information that is on the site or that is internationalized on the site and you are not entitled to store it unless you have obtained written permission from the company.

You must preserve all copyright, trademark and all proprietary notices contained in the original material in any copy thereof. You are not entitled to sell, modify, reproduce, display, distribute, transfer, publish, license or create works derived from any material or content contained in the site. The use of the material on any other website or in a common computer environment with a network for any purpose is prohibited. You will not copy or use the HTML codes the company builds to create its pages. All of the above is protected by copyright laws in force in the United States of America and foreign countries.

The company may review these terms and conditions at any time when this notice is updated. You must visit this page periodically to read the terms and limitations for its use of the site.


By posting any content in any public or non-public section of the site, whether that be forums, competitions and chat rooms, you will grant the company and its affiliates the full and exclusive right to use, reproduce, amend, adopt, publish, translate, produce, produce Derived therefrom, distribute it to the public, display all or part of the content internationally and / or combine it with other works in any way, whether in the media or in the use of a technology known now or another that was developed in the future for the full duration of any of the rights contained in it Content. You warrant that the person who owns any rights that includes moral rights in a content is fully and effectively waived. You will allow any other subscriber to access, view, store and reproduce any content for private use. The content owner of the content published on the site is subject to all rights that exist in that content.

Site security rules

It prevents users from violating or attempting to breach the security of this site which includes without exception: a) accessing information not intended for the user or access to a server or account that the user is not allowed to access; b) attempting to detect, scan or test the system’s vulnerability Or the network or the security system’s breach of verification criteria without proper authorization; c) attempting to interfere with the service to any user by sending unsolicited mail or site mine with viruses and other methods; d) sending unwanted email messages containing advertisements to some products and promoting them E) Falsification of any protocol or any part of the information in the email Ne. TCP / IP

Violations of the network's system or security system may criminalize the perpetrator civilian. The company will investigate such breaches in cooperation with the relevant authorities and security agencies in the prosecution of users who have committed such acts.

Usage is prohibited in particular

The site is used only for legitimate purposes by users who are looking for work or professional information that helps them in their lives and employers who are looking for employees. You warrant and agree that you will not use the site (or plan, instigate, or assist others to use it) for any purpose or in any manner prohibited by these terms, restrictions, notices, or applicable laws. The company specifically prohibits any use of the site and users must agree not to use the site for any of these purposes: a) posting any incomplete, wrong or inaccurate information about themselves in their CVs or about yourself. B) Raising the identity of any person or institution, whether it is a representative of a company, a forum president, a guide or a host, or defaming a person or entity that you work with or another falsely. C) Posting or broadcasting any content you do not have the right to republish, display or broadcast under any law or contractual or trust-based relationships (such as non-disclosed contracts). D) Publishing any concessions, pyramid schemes, club memberships or any agreement with a sales agency or any commercial opportunity that requires advance payment or on a periodic basis that in turn requires the employment of other employees, two branch distributors or two branch agents. E) Posting or broadcasting any advertising, promotional material, electronic messages or any other unwanted material, or any information not related to CVs, such as opinions, notices, and other materials. F) Delete or review any material that has been published by any other company or person. G) Use any tool or program to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of the website or any activity carried out on this site. H) Take any action that exposes the site’s infrastructure to an unnecessary load that results in significant stress. I) Your sharing of a password enables you to enter non-public places from the site with another party, or you use this password for an illegal offer. J) Use of any engine, program or any other means (including spiders, browsers and other means) to browse or search the site without the search engines and archives provided by the company in addition to the internet browsers provided by other parties such as Netscape, Navigator, Microsoft, Explorer) Trying to decrypt, break up, or disassemble and reassemble any of the programs that make up the site or part of it. L) Broadcast, publish, distribute any illegal, offensive, offensive, obscene, morally reprehensible or offensive content to another person or entity Another. M) Posting or broadcasting any malicious content that contains malicious programs such as viruses and others aimed at harming or interfering, receiving any system or information in a fraudulent manner or seizing its ownership. N) Delete any authorizations, legal notices, ownership assignments that you enclose in the correspondence. Q) Use the correspondence provided by the site in a manner that negatively affects the availability of its resources or affects its users. Such as (the use of capital letters which gives the meaning of screaming loudly or sending text repeatedly). R) Attaching, publishing or broadcasting any content or using the site in the manner of any patent, commercial trademark or any other property rights or secret of a profession owned by any party or violating the personal rights of any other party. S) Responding to any business opportunity posted on the site for any purpose other than applying for the job and inciting communications against other parties, whether from other employers or competitors, are prohibited. T) Printing or copying any identifiable personal information about employees, or about the nature of the companies ’business in addition to electronic messages, unwanted phone calls and sending them to other people and companies is prohibited. U) Resell or transfer your duties or rights found in these terms and conditions. C) Violation of any applicable laws in this agreement, whether they are local, national, or international.

User information

As part of your registration on the website, you will be asked to provide the company with certain information about you that includes without exception your email (your information). You also agree that the company will share the aggregate information available in your registration application on an anonymous basis as the company will not disclose your name, address, email address or phone number without your prior consent. The company reserves the right to provide its services and products to you and to other parties based on the preferences you chose during your registration and at any time after that which includes the offers offered by the company and other parties.


The company will have a negative role in distributing flyers provided by the user and will not monitor these materials. If the company’s attention is drawn by a user who claims that there are materials that do not comply with these terms and conditions, the company may verify the validity of these allegations and will in good faith make a decision to delete that material or request its deletion. The company is not responsible for the actions of its perpetrators towards other users. The company reserves the right to a) expel users and deny them access to the site when they violate these conditions and restrictions or the law, b) delete illegal and insulting posts of public morals and those aimed at creating chaos, or c) take necessary action regarding a material that a user has posted What the company deems that this material may expose it to the matter or may lead to the company losing part or all of the services it gets from internet service providers or other providers.

Links to other websites

The site contains links to other sites. The company provides these links for your convenience and does not support and does not assume responsibility for the materials contained in these links. The company is not responsible for viruses that may infiltrate through these sites. You will be responsible for your decision to log into other sites via these links.

Registration and password

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information and password. You will bear the results of all uses and activities that result from using your password, regardless of whether it is authorized by you. You agree to notify the company immediately if your password or registration is used in an unlicensed manner. The company will not be responsible for the loss or damage that occurs as a result of unauthorized use of your password and registration.

Corporate responsibility

The site plays a job market for companies across the Internet where job seekers publish their CVs and do not filter or delete lists submitted to them. The company does not interfere with the processes that occur between job seekers and companies. The company has no control over the quality or legitimacy of the CVs published, the jobs posted or any material posted on the site, nor the companies ’ability to provide job opportunities for job seekers, nor the ability of job seekers to fill these vacancies. You expressly acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the form of the content and accuracy of the CVs or any material that you post on the site. Corporate responsibility is limited to job advertisements posted on the site. The company is not responsible for any material posted on the site that may be harmful to its content or is inaccurate. The company cannot guarantee and will not guarantee the identity of every user of the site.

The company cannot be considered as a company looking for employees, according to your use of the site, and the company will not be responsible for the employment decisions taken by any party that announces its vacancies on the site. The company will not provide any guarantees and will not be responsible for any job that you may obtain. In the event of a dispute between you and another user, the company and its agents and employees will be excused from any damages (real, dependency, direct and indirect) of any kind, known or unknown, resulting from this difference.

The material may contain typos or inaccurate information. The company will not provide status data on the accuracy, accuracy, or completeness of the material or materials posted by users. The use of the site and the material published on it, and any reliance on the material that users have published, will be your responsibility. The site is subject to periodic changes from time to time.

The company does not guarantee the operation of the site without errors and does not guarantee that the site and its server (or any programs or materials that can be accessed through the site) are free of viruses or any other harmful programs. The company will not bear the costs of replacing the equipment or information that may be produced When you use the site or the material on it.

The company relinquishes its responsibility to the fullest extent permitted by law from providing guarantees, whether they are implied or express guarantees that include without exception purchasing guarantees, quality guarantees for any particular purpose, brand guarantees and their breach. The company does not make any guarantees as to the accuracy, correctness, completeness or suitability of the material, services, programs, text, graphics and links.

The company, its suppliers or any of the other parties mentioned in the site will not be liable for any damage whatsoever (whether it is direct, indirect, disciplinary, special, consequential or consequential damage resulting from lost information or interfering in business affairs) caused by or Linked to a relationship in a way of using or not being able to use the site (or any sites linked to it) and the materials or any information or programs, products and services provided through the site if they depend on a guarantee, contract, translation or any legal theory and if it is or The company was not aware of the possibility of such damage.

Some states and jurisdictions prohibit exclusion and limitation of liability. If that limitation, liability, or exclusion of the above-mentioned warranty is considered not applied or not supported for any reason, the company’s maximum liability will be limited to $ 100,000 USD each time.

In the event of any disputes, a law based on the law applied in the United Arab Emirates will be implemented.

Revocation and equitable compensation

In the event that you violate any material or the company is unable to verify and validate any information you have provided, the company may pursue all of its legal solutions which include without exception striking out your job ads from the site and / or immediate revocation of your registration or your ability to access The site or any other service provided by the company to you. The company will have the right to revoke your access to the site at any time without any prior warning and to stop following up or amend the information contained in the site or the site itself at any time. You agree that the company is entitled to receive fair compensation in addition to financial damage in the event of a breach on your part of the company.


You agree to defend and compensate the company, its administrative employees, members of the board of directors, employees and agents of any allegations or demands that include without excluding the costs of legal procedures and accounting costs that resulted from your use of the material or your violation of these conditions and restrictions or your guarantees And or any of the other parties ’rights, which includes the rights of the owner and the intellectual property.